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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hi all
I just resigned from everything i was doing.
I resigned from working in commerical cos tat company has a lousy management which they claim its damn gd. Well.. at least all the staff think tat it is lousy, only management team thinks that they r good

previously i had joined npcc in my sec sch days. n is very happy to be able to join in again after NS. but after that, MOE changed policy to 5 day week. sadly i had to resign and i found opera.

Now I also resigned from opera.
actually not.. i pre-calculated the resignation even before i started. surprised? no lah.. some of u knows tat i know fortune telling.
it was calculated that this year is my final year. although i bought many new toys, but when its time to go. its time to go.
i started by watching my favourite yang lihua's show in theatre n will end by watching my favorite ye qing's show in audience.

ang had asked me to join in for 1 more show which she will give me slightly small roles then i got more time to spend with other things. but drag n drag, no end. but she is happy tat i can finally get my song correct.. but felt its a waste that i resign only when i get it right.
Well.. I had told her previously. If i cant learn the correct key, i will resign. but i am almost correct, still i resign.

i felt tat i am quite fortunate. at least i know tat this is e last show which i doing. although i did not have any big role, but at least i got a shot at a few roles which i wanted to do. well, i think ren gui is e best role i had and i had performed the role best although got some hiccups.

regrets? no, wat is there to regret when u already know u had to go. in fact, i m looking forward to see wat is install in my next phrase of life!

i had my share of something which not many ppl will experience

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

freak accident

i juz got a ligament pull while sleeping.. wat a freak accident...
last me for 1 week.. now its so pain tat i cant walk...

kiv for recover in next few days

Thursday, November 10, 2011

spot me

was in reservist for the past few weeks..

we juz get clearance to get some of our photos.

try to find me bah.. haha

i wonder how the camera does this...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

story line

I rule the empire and enjoy the love of my people
I got my ministers to assist me in governing the country

From young, i learn martial arts and can play with 18 weapons

However, I am quite lonely whenever I am in Jade Garden... Always think of my late empress

So I borrow my minister's clothings and went to walk around in city. As I walked near the lake, I saw...

From far, I saw a couple sitting

the girl looks like my late empress

Ok... From now, i got a problem.. How to link these 2 pic into the story?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

opera stress

now got opera stress..

we having new shows + 2 old shows in oct. i had never did so many shows together, furthermore its overseas performance...

although i can anyhow do then disappear from there, but as overseas performing, must give ppl good impression.

well, my singing not nice, so had to learn..
then i juz receive news that more ppl are learning singing. OMG!!! die lor...

Thursday, August 04, 2011


i was watching this show and found that this phrase is meaningful.

giving up, is not to give up.. but a fresh start.

if i dont give up my current shares, then i wont have capital to buy new one.. this new one could rise faster and higher than my current portfolio.

similarly, those who reach a dead end of a relationship. giving up, could be a option for a fresh start.
eg. keep quarreling.. so juz give up and get use to it..
eg. this person really got no interest in u, juz give up and move on... no point hanging on...

hey! i not hanging on to someone... juz tat i havent met the other one

Friday, July 22, 2011

bad luck

i super bad luck this mth

suppose to fly to shanghai via beijing via inner mongolia..
in the end, flight delay.. thus i cant fly with my original air ticket..
then had to spend another $400..

the original flight was from inner mongolia to beijing to sg. but i requested to go shanghai for fun. then i already had forked out $300 for tat ticket..


then i tot can 100% claim.. but dlq said only can claim abt $100..

juz before i flew, i m down with cough..cough so bad tat my assistant also start coughing

then met a typhoon and got struck by thunder when i return to sg.

in shanghai, i spent 1 whole day travelling up and down, armed with 6 addresses of opera shops all over shanghai.. but can only find 1 shop.. however, the costumes are super limited... then i chin cai buy my no. 4.

who will believe that i brought RMB5000 to china and return with RMB300...

Monday, June 27, 2011


i had never been to the railway station til yesterday.

cos there is no point going and there is nothing much there

but on hearing its closing, i decided to take a look.
well my pic r not as nice as others.. but at least i know wat it looks like :)

i heard this place quite popular for its tay-ta-lay..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

mingwei rom

my brother had ROM..
the whole family was working. then we held the signing at night.
took place in jurong spring community center

the chinese wedding will be held in dec

Friday, June 24, 2011

yuting wedding

Back from my busy schedule.
Had attended my little cousin's wedding

i believe this photo is taken in 1990.
This little gal was only 2 yrs old..

now she is so big liao

ah ting is a headache.
i taught her when she is young.
after 1 hour, she finally know how much fruits is 1 apple + 2 pears. but when i asked her 2 apple and 1 pear..
she will -_-'''

this is my cousin-in-law.
This guy another headache..

Tea ceremony, he dont address the elderly..
the other gal is a friend of theirs

this is my sister in law

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Straight after election, i disappear from sg. i had to go to inner mongolia to do something on the same day.

During my Tong Liao trip, i managed to find time to explore beijing city as i need to do some transit.

There are a few flights to beijing on sunday and i decided to book the most crazy flight.. 12am depart, 6am arrive

First Stop.. Beijing Zoo

This animal caught my attention.. its name is Malu.. haha

i felt that these flowers opened quite pretty..
As i dont feel like eating western food for lunch, i bought biscuits to eat instead. Beijing is quite big but dont really have small caterings.. Else.. i lousy and cant find any.

The first day ended with rain while i trying to find zhu shi kou. there was a special request to find something in that area.

Then i saw this lazy animal.. so lazy that it did not wanna pose for me to take photo

On my return, i reserved abt 4hours for forbidden city.
as i did not do any research, i ask for directions on the street.
I asked the Mrt staff 'where should i alight to go to Zi Jing Cheng'
she look blur at me..

Imperial Garden

The throne room.
Kang Xi had placed his heir's name behind the signboard

Top view of Forbidden City from Jing Shan.
Jing Shan is said to be the centre of the entire city.

The night view of the tian an men was nice

This is Qian Men, next to it is Zhu Shi Kou.

Tong Liao

This is the first time that i went northern china. To be exact, TongLiao, Inner Mongolia. We have a subsidiary there and i suppose to go there to meet beijing inner auditor.

This place is quite ulu. But the flight is full. There is a mini airport there. The length of the airport 70% smaller than Sg Budget Airport. It only has a waiting area, and check in area and a runway.

My china bosses bring us to eat goat and cow meat for all meals.. All meals also consist of wine and beer. if u dont drink, its like u dont give them face. Even the girls there can drink.

We requested for singers to our room to entertain us with some keerqin songs.

i believe ke er qin is part of tongliao. it was the homeland of empress xiao zhuang, mother of emperor qing shun zi.

Ke er qin musumem, which is closed.